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                           ORIGIN AND VISION

Knot Happy started out as a vision of Tra'Mel Harrell's because of his love for fashion and convenience. He noticed how difficult it was to find unique bowties that were reasonably priced. There was also a void of very fashionable bowties that created a unique experience for the buyer. So from his kitchen, he started Knot Happy ! He researched a way to create an attractive  bow tie from the most casual bow tie wearer to the most die hard bow tie aficionado.This required numerous hours of research and fabric trials to create the perfect  bow tie for every occasion.

Knot Happy creates conversation pieces and memories that you wear with pride. Knot Happy uses fabrics and designs that you will not see at everyday. 

Feel free to reach out about your next occasion or workday that needs a bow design and not just a bow tie.

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